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Inspiration on the go.

I’ve not had a group of like-minded people to check in with every month before - it’s ace!
— Lucy, Member
I love it! Such a positive and supportive group that’s even lead to people going on their own adventures.
— Clare, Member

A place to explore and a community to go with.

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What you get…

  • Follow what our members are up to on socials

  • Join our monthly newsletter

  • Read along with our monthly book

  • Follow what our members are up to on socials

  • Join our monthly newsletter

  • Read along with our monthly book

  • Vote on 3 book options each month to help decide which book we read

  • Join our private Facebook group to share your adventures, ask for tips and tricks, and find out what fellow members are up to. Plus, social expectation to get through that book is a big bonus!

  • The cost of your book is included!

  • Quarterly member-only weekend meet ups out in the wild

  • Access to our virtual library of past reads

  • Support from our adventure partners. From discounts to competitions and occasionally even free bits of kit.

<— All of this, plus two months free!


Prefer paper to reading on screen?

We know that you love deciding from month to month if you want to read on a screen or on paper. As such, we send our members an Amazon voucher for the value of the ebook, which means you can put it towards a paper copy if you'd prefer, or you can stick with the ebook.



Can anyone join?

Yes, we believe that adventure is open to everyone.

How do you decide which book we read each month?

We select a theme each month and give our members three exciting book options to vote on. Once all the votes are counted, the book with the most votes is chosen as that month’s read. Expect books based around adventures big and small, at home and abroad, as well as themes such as mind set, pushing your potential and thinking bigger.

When will I get my Amazon voucher each month?

We send you your voucher at the beginning of each month, after the vote for that month’s read has taken place.

When is the quarterly meet up?

Our quarterly meet up is on the last weekend of July, October, January and April.

Where is the quarterly meet up?

Each quarter we’ll take you away somewhere new, often within 2 hours of London but sometimes further afield, for example to the Lake District or Scotland. We’ll always let you know about these well in advance. If you have any suggestions for destinations or sports for us to try, we’d love you to shoot us an email.

What happens if I cant make a meet up?

It would be ace to see you at every meet up, but we appreciate that sometimes you might be off on our own adventures. No worries, just follow any discussion in the Facebook group and we’ll see you at the next one.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, just drop us an email and we’ll get back to you within 7 days.

Can i get a refund on my membership?

Sorry, no. Your membership fee is non-refundable.

What happens if I join mid-month?

Whatever time in the month you join you’ll be welcomed into the club and our Facebook group, and you’ll get all the latest info on what we’re reading. Your first subscription payment will go out on the 1st of the month and this is when you’ll receive your first book voucher.

Membership 101:

The Subscription

Each month you'll get;

  • An Adventurous eBook: you’ll get to vote on three book options and we'll then send you an Amazon voucher for the winning ebook. Think tales of daring adventure, ultimate survival and perhaps just a little run around the world.

  • An Adventurous Tribe: you'll get access to our private Facebook group where we'll hold you accountable to reading a new book every month, but also to help you put your adventure plans into action.

  • Adventure Partners: we love teaming up with our adventure partners to give you a little helping hand to get outside and explore more often. From discounts to competitions and occasionally even free bits of kit.


*PLUS, you also get a quarterly invitation to our exclusive Club Weekend Away meet up in the UK.*

Each quarter we'll invite you to our members only meet up at a different location across the country. A brilliant opportunity to spend time outside with like-minded people, have a go at new sports and explore somewhere new. During the summer months we'll often take you on a camp out under the stars.